Parents & Carers

At Sunflowers, we see you as your child’s primary educator – we know that they love you, watch you, listen to you and the joy that we see each day, bubbles from a place within them that you nurture and are responsible for! – …. So well done!

We want to work with you – we want to know what you are proud of, what you enjoy, we want to share the special moments each day and incorporate any new interests into your child’s day at nursery.

We aim to be flexible and want to meet your needs as a parent in the same way as we want to meet your child’s needs – we see that these two are linked.

We work hard to communicate with you and want to build a strong home:nursery relationship so we can be sure that your child’s learning is holistic and ‘real’.

Our staff are well trained, and we value their development – we realise that our staff are the key to the success of the nursery and it is our job to equip them with the skills they need to look after your child well.

Each day the staff will give you verbal or written feedback about your child’s day – we realise how important it is that we get this bit just right – and always try to find out ways to make it better and more meaningful for your family. We will always make time to talk to you as a parent providing we have enough staff to do so. In addition you can always email us on with any important information or if you have any questions, then a member of the team will get back in touch as soon as they can.

We will always endeavour to help you as parents and carers and will always signpost you to further support and help if we can. We work closely alongside Early Help and the Health Visitor team to develop a holistic plan to help you and your children.